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Friday, 19 April 2019

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ShadowProtect Desktop Edition

08/24/12 - Backup your system including the operating system, applications, personal settings, and data online.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop Edition creates an automatic online backup of your entire system including the operating system, applications, personal settings and data. Complete disaster recovery of your PC or laptop in minutes. ShadowProtect provides a simple view to restore or update files and folders to your existing backup images. Automatically save online backup images to USB, FireWire, NAS or any network location. ShadowProtect Desktop Edition provides the following advantages: create online backups while you work; schedule automatic backups; restore your system to an exact point-in-time; view backup for quick file and folder recovery; save backups to any storage device or network location; quick and simple bare metal system recovery. What's new in this version: Version 4.2.6 fixes some bugs.

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