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Friday, 6 December 2019

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R10Cipher 5 for Mac

07/24/12 - Protect Your Privacy and Identity - Encrypt Text and Files. Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

R10Cipher 5 is a privacy protection tool for individuals, businesses, for You and Me. Send Encrypted Email, for example Staff Reviews. Centralised Key Management Facility. Transfer and Store Private and Personal Documents. Use for Backup, Encrypt Your Zip Files with R10Cipher or cuteCipher. Secure Peer to Peer, End to End Encryption. Move data with your USB Drive, no problems if misplaced. What's new in this version: Complete redesign for simplicity and ease of use
Optimised for speed and efficiency
cuteCipher functionality integrated
Keyboard shortcuts to speak, save text file, Open text file and print
Revert to Previous
Print Clear Text Option. Configurable.
SMS (Text Messaging) via SMSRelay
New family licensing option
New lifetime licensing option
Scripting capability for unattended encryption and decryption

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