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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

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10/16/12 - Get a small Windows compatible game GUI wrapper compatible with all MAME games.

ExtraMAME - a small MS Windows compatible game GUI wrapper for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator authored by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. MAME let's you play thousands of old-school arcade games on your computer. ExtraMAME is smaller and easier to use. It doesn't force you to fuss with difficult configurations and it's compatible with all MAME games. What's new in this version: Version 12.3 (October 15, 2012) has the following features: MS Windows 8 buttons style; MS Windows 8 compatible; MAME 0.147 compatible; 8661 games supported; BIOS files were updated; lng-files were updated.

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