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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

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Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids

12/13/11 - Get a wild psychedelic space adventure.

Stop those troublesome bubbleoids from breeding in the far reaches of space in Melee Mode. Hunt down the bubbleoids in any one of THOUSANDS of procedurally- generated levels in Maze Mode. Our PC game boasts five different ships to control in two different game modes (and two high score tables), with six types of STACKABLE powerups including AI wingmen, who in turn can collect their own powerups and wingmen. Colorful graphics and an original soundtrack (composed with help from Mu-Tech) round out this exercise in sensory stimulation in homage to the 16-bit classics. Like many of our PC game titles, the difficulty level of Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids can be scaled anywhere from extremely easy to extremely difficult, to make our PC games accessible to a wide range of skill levels and physical abilities. Our Captain Polygon PC game can run off a USB drive, and is small enough to fit on a floppy disk! Right now, you can get the Captain Polygon PC game for less than 72 cents ($0.72 USD) when purchased as part of our nonSoft Arcade Pack. This is a non-playable demo of the Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids PC game. Keyboard Shortcuts: F2 = toggle fullscreen / windowed modes F3 = turn volume on / off Esc = exit program * Please Note: This game uses UPX application compression, which might set off a false alarm with certain anti-virus software. * If this is a problems then try one of our later games instead, like Drag Rally 2, which does not use UPX compression. What's new in this version: Added disclaimer about UPX compression, changed CNET description layout.

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