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Friday, 6 December 2019

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Bing Save Search Results Software

08/01/12 - Save Bing search results.
01.08.12, Internet More

Boilsoft Audio Converter

10/31/12 - Converts between different audio formats and extract audio to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG.
01.11.12, Audio & Video More

Keys of a Gamespace

09/12/12 - Help a man overcome the burdens of his own past by stepping in and out of his own memories.
12.09.12, Games More


10/16/12 - Manage, secure and share documents.
17.10.12, Business More

Remaining Software

ShadowProtect Small Business Server

08/24/12 - Create backups of your servers including the operating system, applications, settings, and data online.
24.08.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Batch+ for Mac

11/23/12 - Photoshop plugin for batching.
24.11.12, Mac More

Proposal Pack Wizard (

08/13/12 - Create and manage your business proposals, grants, contracts, and other documents.
14.08.12, Business More

UDP Tester

11/21/12 - Check the UDP connection for correct routing.
21.11.12, IS/IT More

Flickr Downloader

12/19/12 - View and download photos from Flickr.
19.12.12, Internet More


07/19/12 - Find and manage all of your documents, paper or electronic, no matter what programs you use.
20.07.12, Business More

Physamajig for Windows 8

12/07/12 - Play physics games and create your own on your Windows 8 device.
07.12.12, Games More

Iberical Invo

07/31/12 - Provide comprehensive financial management with POS and cash register.
31.07.12, Business More


08/07/12 - Monitor how your disk space is being utilized.
07.08.12, Utilities & Drivers More

MeinPlatz Portable

07/25/12 - Scan the entire hard disk area and find our lost disk space.
26.07.12, Utilities & Drivers More

TinySpell Portable

11/14/12 - Check spelling and get alerts for misspelled words.
14.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

BitNami Joomla Stack

10/18/12 - Create multiple format sites from simple websites on your Windows PC.
18.10.12, Developer Tools More

SQL Query Tool (Using ODBC)

08/28/12 - Query ODBC data sources, author SQL scripts, and execute multiple SQL scripts simultaneously.
28.08.12, Developer Tools More


11/08/12 - Compress and decompress files with UPX.
08.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Likno Web Button Maker

09/24/12 - Add buttons to your HTML pages or transform your projects by applying Web buttons to them.
24.09.12, Developer Tools More

BPS Poker Timer

09/18/12 - Balance the ball in a sensor based game.
19.09.12, Mobile More

Troi File Plug-in

08/03/12 - Get access to information outside the FileMaker Pro database.
03.08.12, Utilities & Drivers More

HTC Sync

10/08/12 - Synchronize your HTC device with computer.
08.10.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Summer Forest 3D Screensaver

08/16/12 - Get notifications in Notification Center when an RSS feed is updated.
16.08.12, Mac More

Second Life

07/25/12 - Travel, explore, make friends, and socialize, for status and wealth in a 3D online world.
26.07.12, Games More

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Popular Games

Magic Whiteboard, 03.01.2013

Leafier Portable, 03.01.2013

General MIDI Keyboard, 03.01.2013

Brainsight Quick Look for Mac, 03.01.2013

Forismatic for Mac, 03.01.2013

FontForge Portable, 03.01.2013

Babylon Dictionary for Windows 8, 03.01.2013

Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids, 13.12.2011

Haulin Azz Lite, 16.12.2011

Spongebob Bubble Bursting, 16.12.2011

Sponge Bob Squarepants Bus Rush, 16.12.2011

Posh Boutique 2 Game, 13.12.2011

Spongebob Snail Trail, 16.12.2011

Super Mario Smash Bros, 16.12.2011

FM Tactic Finder, 15.12.2011

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