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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

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PSP Save Data Manager

11/24/12 - Copy, move, or save your PSP files on PC.
24.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Find and Replace In Filenames and Folder Names Software

07/26/12 - Find and replace words within the names of files and folders.
26.07.12, Utilities & Drivers More

PDFArea PDF to Image Converter

12/24/12 - Convert PDF documents into image files.
24.12.12, Business More

vmCLIpboard for Mac

01/01/13 - Build, manage and automate the execution of VMware CLI (Command Line Interface) commands.
02.01.13, Mac More

Remaining Software

My Command Button .NET

12/01/12 - Add appealing buttons to all your Windows applications.
01.12.12, Developer Tools More

JumpBox for the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System

08/23/12 - Automatically disable/enable WiFi when Ethernet is connected/disconnected.
23.08.12, Mac More


08/23/12 - Gather WHOIS and DNS information in easy steps.
23.08.12, IS/IT More


09/21/12 - Play any video and audio files without the need of external codecs.
21.09.12, Audio & Video More

Super Coloring book

12/12/12 - Help your children to draw their ideas with coloring tools.
12.12.12, Design & Photo More


11/14/12 - Display a linear sequence of images and captions.
14.11.12, Design & Photo More

CrystalDiskMark Portable

10/26/12 - Display the read and write speed of your disk.
26.10.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Ticno Recorder

11/14/12 - Recover your files, documents, images, and emails without.
14.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More


01/02/13 - Utilize ROC curve analysis, method comparison, and quality control tools with your biomedical research.
02.01.13, Home & Education More

Sea Turtle Animated Wallpaper

09/11/12 - Set an animated picture of a sea turtle as your wallpaper.
11.09.12, Desktop Enhancement More

ColorBug Portable

12/14/12 - Determine colors and to find matching colors.
14.12.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Universal Client CRM

11/18/12 - Create and manage clients/deals/estimates/sales orders and manage tasks and schedule appointments.
19.11.12, Business More

Kula Hawaii Screensaver

09/17/12 - For adding special effects to your pictures.
17.09.12, Mac More

Uber Turing Machine

09/11/12 - Provide Turing machine simulator for students, academics and programming enthusiasts.
11.09.12, Home & Education More


12/31/12 - Create deep detailed diagrams, flowcharts, idea maps, and models customized to your business domain.
31.12.12, Business More

FabFilter Micro (64 bit)

12/18/12 - Use lightweight filter plug-in and make FabFilter sound affordable.
18.12.12, Audio & Video More


08/31/12 - Compete with friends or players from around the globe using some of the world's deadliest modern weapons and vehicles.
01.09.12, Mac More

MDynamicEq (64-Bit)

08/01/12 - Take control over natural sounding and versatile filters to produce real music sounds.
01.08.12, Audio & Video More

OfficePool 2013 for Mac

12/23/12 - NCAA college basketball pool manager.
23.12.12, Mac More

Untangle for Windows 8

12/18/12 - Place the points apart and make your lines independent of all other line.
18.12.12, Games More

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FM Tactic Finder, 15.12.2011

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