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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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Makefile Creator

12/08/12 - Create makefile in C/C++ on PC.
08.12.12, Developer Tools More

Kana PopCloser

11/29/12 - Monitor and control opened browser tabs.
29.11.12, Internet More

LAN Tornado

08/23/12 - Test your network performance.
23.08.12, IS/IT More

Foxit Reader Turkish

10/22/12 - Open, view, and print any PDF file.
22.10.12, Business More

Remaining Software

R10Cipher 5 for Mac

07/24/12 - Protect Your Privacy and Identity - Encrypt Text and Files. Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
24.07.12, Mac More

Import Table from Excel for Oracle Standard

10/30/12 - Load data to Oracle server table.
30.10.12, Developer Tools More


10/07/12 - Make study plan of each of your students.
08.10.12, Home & Education More


10/10/12 - Perform various conversions of units.
10.10.12, Home & Education More

Easy Zip Wizard

10/23/12 - Zip files and folders setting your own filters.
24.10.12, Utilities & Drivers More


10/01/12 - Manage music resources such as song lyrics, chords, tablatures, audio, and video.
01.10.12, Audio & Video More

Free File Wiper

08/28/12 - Erase and overwrite the files using four wipe methods.
28.08.12, Utilities & Drivers More


11/28/12 - Unmount your portable device closing active applications.
28.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

Ultimate Template Engine Component

09/21/12 - Enable your applications to generate formatted text from source template and input variables.
21.09.12, Developer Tools More

Jewel Fever for Windows 8

01/03/13 - Match as many jewels on your Windows 8 device.
03.01.13, Games More


10/18/12 - Calculate payroll taxes, print paychecks, print tax forms for small businesses and accountants.
19.10.12, Business More

PuzzleTouch for Windows 8

12/07/12 - Play and create your own personal puzzles on your Windows 8 device.
07.12.12, Games More

Free Download Manager Lite

12/28/12 - Manage your file downloads on your Windows PC.
28.12.12, Internet More

JumpBox for the Alfresco Content Management System

08/24/12 - Download YouTube videos quickly and easily.
24.08.12, Internet More

Age of the Dinosaurs 3D

09/25/12 - Monitor your Twitter feed in a desktop ticker like those seen on CNN and FoxNews.
26.09.12, Mac More

Chilkat Email ActiveX Component

12/11/12 - Get ActiveX component for creating, retrieving, and sending Internet e-mails.
11.12.12, Developer Tools More

Aloaha PDF Suite Server

08/03/12 - Monitor remote URLs or local files.
03.08.12, Mac More

BreezyCalc Portable

10/08/12 - Perform various trigonometrical and logarithmic operations on PC.
08.10.12, Home & Education More

Star Sonata

09/21/12 - Create your character and define the universe.
22.09.12, Games More

Publish Table to HTML for SQL Server Pro

09/01/12 - Transform your table's data into HTML documents.
01.09.12, Developer Tools More

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