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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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GetFoldersize Portable

11/06/12 - Determine the size of folders and sub-folders on your hard drive.
06.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

CHM Viewer

07/22/12 - Open and view the contents of the CHM files easily.
23.07.12, Home & Education More

PDF to PNG Converter

09/03/12 - Convert your PDF documents into PNG format in batch mode.
03.09.12, Business More

iPubsoft PDF Password Remover for Mac

11/22/12 - Decrypt password-protected PDF documents.
22.11.12, Mac More

Remaining Software


11/01/12 - Download, stream or create radio playlists.
01.11.12, Audio & Video More

Terminator for Windows Desktop

10/04/12 - Create full-featured apps using just HTML and JavaScript for iPhone and iPad.
04.10.12, Mac More

FabFilter Twin (32 bit)

12/18/12 - Use synthesizer plug-in with the highest sound quality.
18.12.12, Audio & Video More

Aiseesoft iPhone Transfer

10/14/12 - Transfer video, audio, and photo files between iPhone and PC without any loss.
15.10.12, Audio & Video More

Makeup Guide

08/31/12 - Tint lips and eyelids on your photos.
31.08.12, Design & Photo More


10/02/12 - Learn reading notes for various instruments easily.
03.10.12, Home & Education More


10/22/12 - Prepare any business documents from 6000 professionally written documents and writing guidelines.
23.10.12, Business More

XLQ Add-in for Excel 2010 (64-Bit)

09/20/12 - Deliver live and historical worldwide stock market to your applications through a COM interface.
20.09.12, Business More

CyberMatrix Pro Schedule Enterprise

11/26/12 - Coordinate all your appointments to increase productivity.
26.11.12, Business More

Lazarus (64-Bit)

10/08/12 - Develop applications for all platforms supported by Free Pascal.
08.10.12, Developer Tools More


09/07/12 - Kill insects on your desktop.
07.09.12, Games More

SQL Prompt

07/26/12 - Enhance SQL Server Management Studio with intelligent auto-completion of SQL Queries.
26.07.12, Developer Tools More

Navicat Essentials for Oracle (Oracle GUI)

09/21/12 - Converts Texts to Base64.
21.09.12, Mac More

JumpBox for the OpenLDAP Directory Server

10/12/12 - Provide centralized LDAP-based authentication and other directory services.
12.10.12, IS/IT More

FrontFace for Public Displays

08/07/12 - Display the web contents in an attractive way on public displays.
07.08.12, Internet More

Shopaholic Christmas

09/21/12 - Play a traditional Hangman game with some interesting new features.
21.09.12, Games More

Redaxscript Full

08/13/12 - Simplify complex online projects and build websites.
13.08.12, Internet More

Masters of slingo

07/23/12 - Spin and match the numbers below with the numbers on your board.
24.07.12, Games More

Langenscheidt Professional-Specialist Dictionary of Engineering and Applied Science

08/07/12 - Dictionary contains around 1,184,000 headwords, phrases and translations, both directions.
07.08.12, Home & Education More


11/01/12 - Relax your eyes periodically and prevent eye strain.
01.11.12, Utilities & Drivers More

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Super Mario Smash Bros, 16.12.2011

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