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Saturday, 18 January 2020

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Free Texas Cichlid Fish Screensaver

10/21/12 - Create Mac app icons.
22.10.12, Mac More

MBandPass (64-Bit)

08/01/12 - Filter plugin containing a high-pass and low-pass filters.
01.08.12, Audio & Video More

Red Devil Aquarium screensaver

10/23/12 - Secure and protect your photos.
23.10.12, Mac More


07/31/12 - Compare documents and find suspicious fragments of text.
01.08.12, Home & Education More

Remaining Software

Import Table from Excel for IBM DB2 Professional

11/22/12 - Load data rows from Excel spreadsheets to new or existing database table.
22.11.12, Developer Tools More

Kula-Corey-Ryder Screensaver

08/31/12 - Places a small calendar on the desktop.
31.08.12, Mac More

Page Flipping Free PDF to Word

07/20/12 - Convert PDF files to DOC, DOCX, or RRF file formats.
20.07.12, Business More


12/12/12 - Play Spades on your Windows 8 device.
12.12.12, Games More

Raft Wars

11/23/12 - Shoot down the pirates and score points.
23.11.12, Games More

EMS SQL Management Studio for PostgreSQL

12/31/12 - Manage and develop your databases.
31.12.12, Business More

Plastic Animation Paper

09/12/12 - A software package for doing 2D animation.
13.09.12, Design & Photo More


09/18/12 - Plan and manage your small to mid educational business.
19.09.12, Business More

ASProtect SKE

08/11/12 - Create protected distributions and protect your software.
11.08.12, Developer Tools More

Stocker Owner WMS

10/23/12 - Share files over the Web, connect to, and search through multiple direct-connect hubs simultaneously.
25.10.12, Internet More


10/18/12 - Record notes, ideas, and store photos and documents.
18.10.12, Design & Photo More

Perfect Eyes Animated Wallpaper

09/11/12 - Set an animated picture of beautiful eyes as your wallpaper.
11.09.12, Desktop Enhancement More

Essential Data Tools

09/01/12 - Delete duplicate files and backup important data from your PC.
01.09.12, Utilities & Drivers More


11/27/12 - Classic shoot em up for players who still love space challenging adventures.
27.11.12, Games More

Stormy Sea 3D

09/26/12 - Decorate your desktop with a storm over the surfaces of the ocean with gusty winds.
27.09.12, Desktop Enhancement More

Birds of Nature 3D

09/26/12 - Add beautiful exotic birds to your desktop.
27.09.12, Desktop Enhancement More

Photo Scanner for Mac

12/21/12 - Convert a photographed sheet to a A4 image.
21.12.12, Mac More

Ptunnel GUI Portable

10/29/12 - Boost ICMP tunneling with autoit scripting.
29.10.12, IS/IT More

Graveyard Party

10/25/12 - Find the woman who disappears in the Hall of Mirrors.
26.10.12, Mac More

DTM Query Reporter

10/06/12 - Generate reports in different formats for all database interfaces.
06.10.12, Developer Tools More

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Babylon Dictionary for Windows 8, 03.01.2013

Captain Polygon Vs. The Bubbleoids, 13.12.2011

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Super Mario Smash Bros, 16.12.2011

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